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Grooming Agreement & Policies

​Grooming By Londa values the safety and comfort of your pet above all else.  Because of this, there are certain policies in place.

Basic Policies

Please have your leashed pet in a well fitting collar or harness so that the dog can be safely walked inside. I am meeting clients at entry door or at car in driveway for pick up and drop off.

Please do not open door as dogs may be on floor. Please "Do Not knock" as it makes dogs bark. Instead please text or call when you arrive and wait for me to come out.

Grooms are by appointment only, are straight through and dogs are picked up when done. You will be given a time to return or an estimate of amount time and then a text when done. Please pick up within 30 minutes of of notification or at time given at drop off.


Please note that prices vary by the size, breed, coat condition, requested hairstyle, and behavior of your pet.  Quotes are based on a pet that is used to the grooming process and has been groomed on a regular basis, is both matt free and flea/tick free. Fees are subject to change during check in evaluation, or grooming process if there are fleas/ticks, heavy undercoat, matts, or behavioral problems that cause the typical time frame to be extended. Matted dogs that dull blades will be charged extra to cover sharpening. Maintenance pricing  is $5 off for regularly scheduled grooming for a specific period time for the year.  Services menu has a description of grooming sizes by height & weight.



​Cash, Card in person or Paypal. Currently  taking credit cards through square. Paypal through business phone number. 

Health policy (Covid-19, Flu, RSV, H5N1, etc.)

Masking and social distancing encouraged when you are sick and when community transmission is high. I am meeting people outside entry door for pick up and drop off.  Please text when you arrive. Wear a mask when sick. Please have a well fitting collar or harness on your dog so that the dog can be safely walked inside. Please when not wearing a mask try to social distance as much as possible during the exchange of your dog.

Scheduling policy

Appointments are scheduled Monday, to Saturday:  9 am to 3 pm, Last appointment is at 1:00 pm. Dogs are groomed straight through and picked up when done. Closing time is 3 pm.

 My schedule is limited and pre-scheduling for year is recommended. Only new Clients with dogs that maintain a grooming schedule of 4-6 weeks with some breed exceptions up to 8 weeks will be kept as clients.

"​No Shows, are detrimental to the financial viability of a small business. If you can't keep an appointment, don’t book one. If you reserve a spot, and don't come, it is a loss of revenue and potential loss of another client that could not come in due to your appointment reservation. "Things happen and I understand! So please keep me informed if something comes up. Unfortunately, I must have rules in place for those that take my time for granted.

  • 36 hour notice to cancel appointments, Please be respectful and text/call at least 36 hrs in advance if you cannot keep your appointment. (online appointment can be canceled before 36 hrs in advance. (If you can't cancel online then call or text me) if not then a Last minute cancellation/No Show fee of $25 will need to be paid. Otherwise you will need to seek a high volume shop that can absorb such a loss. After 2nd time... appointment must be prepaid with online booking and will not be refunded if missed.

  • Running Late please call or text to let me know! More than 15 minutes the appointment will be rescheduled. Fee applies.

  • Late Pick up  Most pets are picked up in a reasonable amount of time after grooming completion. At drop off a time frame is given and a text when done. Pick up is preferred at time given at drop off or a max of 30 minutes after text notice. There is no space for overlap of clients. Closing time is 3 pm! If you are more than 15 minutes late there will be a $15 charge. If I need to leave, then there may be additional boarding fees. I must leave at 3pm so prompt pickup is needed and appreciated.



Puppies should come "monthly" from 8 weeks of age for some services to get them used to being handled. It is important to touch toe nails, pads of feet, noses and faces at home, to include brushing, combing, bathing. The introduction of blow dryer noise, clippers, and dremmel noises is ideal. Making grooming a part of life to ensure your pet will enjoy the grooming process.



By having your pet groomed with me you agree to Yolonda Siudak (Londa) and or Grooming by Londa to take pictures/videos of your pet. Pictures/videos can and will be shared on internet and used for advertising on my website, on social media sites and by google maps, for teaching and may even be printed.



Grooming by Londa is a flea/tick fee shop. Not excepting fleas/tick dogs!!! please treat at home or vet.

If any flea/tick is present on your pet after drop off, They will require a flea bath. Dogs with flea or ticks can infect other clients pets. The cost will vary depending on the severity of fleas  The fee is $10.00-$20.00 (heavy infestations require building and yard treatment.)  Please talk to your vet regarding a monthly program. Groomers are not flea control, but need to control exposure to other pets.


****Please notify immediately upon drop off, if you are aware of fleas or ticks so that dog can "be carried in and put straight into tub". Please do not walk your dog on property or let your dog walk in and infect other dogs.

Work area and property:

If you enter building for any reason, you enter at your own risk of injury, ***Petting my dogs, my neighbors dogs, or other client's dog is not recommended!  Neither Grooming by Londa or Londa Siudak will not be held responsible for any bodily injury due to any circumstance that might arise due to your entry, for any reason. I also agree that entering and exiting the property were Grooming by Londa is located is at my own risk to my person, other persons with me, my dog/s, and my vehicle.

It is the clients responsibility to get their "leashed" pet from vehicle to inside business and from business to vehicle. 


Matted Pets:

I want all pets to look their best. I will dematt ears and tail if they are brushed out easily. If the dog is severely matted, they will be shaved. Severe matting on the body or any type of matting that causes discomfort and possible skin trauma for your pet. There are additional fees for mat removal. This can be a very time consuming process, be it shaving or brushing.  I will do my best to keep as much hair as possible. If you can’t comb it, the coat is matted. If you can’t brush it out, I probably cannot brush it out either. Please keep this in mind with longer coats. Do the comb test at home. Bathing and brushing between grooms will help keep your dog’s coat more manageable. ***there is more risk of injury due to shaving down a pet that has mats close to the skin, and that there could be trauma caused by the matting including hot spots, sore spots, skin infections, and swollen ears due to the pulling of the skin by the mats or hard shaking of ears.

***If during grooming process I come to a point where I cannot safely continue for "any reason" payment will still be expected. In order to compensate me for my time and effort either partial or full grooming amount depending on amount of time spent, percentage competed and other factors.


Aggressive Behavior/Biting

Please be up front about your dog’s behavior. If your dog bites me I could be out of work. It is not a joke or cute in anyway. I will do my best to safely work with fearful dogs. But, I will refuse and send home aggressive biters. I will use a muzzle, a groomers helper, cone or whatever tools are necessary to safely groom your dog. If necessary your dog may be sent home unfinished and payment for work done and a handling fee will still be expected.

Medical or Health

Please tell Londa about any present or past medical issues or history of biting. Occasionally while grooming a dog the groomer will discover hidden medical problems. If it is determined that the situation is an emergency you will be notified by phone immediately. Otherwise, you will be notified when you arrive to pick up your dog. For example; ear infection, eye irritation, new mole, skin allergy, infection etc. In addition dogs that are matted have a greater chance for injury, such as soreness, nicks, clipper irritation during grooming and after grooming due to excessive itching, rubbing or chewing by your dog. Also, dogs that have their ears shaved closely due to matting or simply a new style can cause broken blood vessels called hematomas. Hematomas happen due to dogs shaking their ears too hard. Another reason for dogs to shake their ears excessively is due to the removal of ear hair that has accumulated.  Please notify Londa immediately if any of these things occurs so that she can note your dog’s record. 


Dematting, clipper or dryer noise or just getting nails done can cause mental or physical stress especially for dogs with physical disabilities such as obesity, anxiety, old age or other ongoing medical conditions such as heart failure, seisures or diabetes.  Please make sure to alert Londa "Right away" of any medical problems, past issues, injuries, surgeries, or any concerns, so that she may accommodate your pet accordingly.   


By booking an appointment with Grooming by Londa you are agreeing to to all above policies.


I the undersigned agree to Grooming by Londa’s policies. In case of an emergency, I grant permission to Londa Siudak to obtain emergency veterinary treatment for my pet at my expense. I understand that the Veterinarian listed on my client card will be notified first, however if information is not on card or it is after hours or the vet cannot see my pet, I authorize care of my dog with the vet of Londa Siudak's choosing.                                                                                                                                             

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