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~Grooming Services~

*Prices vary by breed, type of hair, size, condition of dog, temperament, age, and other factors.  Prices listed are average and approximate. Prices can be determined after 1st visit. I will work with you on your price. I give discounts to clients who maintain a regularly prescheduled for the year "maintenance program" and for muti-dog families. 

  • Bath: Bath, dry and brush out, nails clipped or dremeled, ears cleaned​

  • Mini Groom “Tidy”: Bath, dry, brush out, nails, pad trim, ear cleaning, sanitary trim, Light face touch-up​ (in between full Grooms)

  • Deshed Tidy: Bath, deshed shampoo, dry, brush out, nails, pad and feet trim, ear cleaning, sanitary trim, all over thinner shaping: usually feathers and underline.

  • Full groom: Bath, dry, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, sanitary trim, face/feet trim, full body style​

For example:
  • XS/S: Bath $25-30, Tidy $40-45, Full Groom $50
  • Small: Bath 30, Tidy 45-50, Full Groom $60
  • Medium:Bath $45 up, Tidy $60 up, Full Groom $80 up
  • Med/Large: Bath $60 up, Tidy $70 up, Full Groom $80 up
  • Large: Bath $60 up, Tidy $90 up, Full Groom $120 up
or example:​ poodles/doodles​ by height
  • Extra small: Toy poodles  under 10 inches $50 1 to 1.5 hr 
  • Small: Mini poodles between 10-14 $60 1.5 hr
  • Med: small Standard poodles 15-20 $80 1.5 to 2 hr
  • Large: med standard Over 20-25" $100 to 2 hr
  • at approx 25-30" $120 2.5 hr
***Prices are based on many factors other than height. Prices vary by breed, type of hair, size, condition of dog, temperament, age, and other factors.  
Specialty Shampoos:

Your dog will enjoy their bath with high quality professional dog products and Facial shampoo. The facial cleans, calms and brightens under the eye. I will use a standard professional dog shampoo on your pet unless he/she has other skin or coat needs. Such as flea shampoo, degreaser, texturizer, brightener, anti-itch, odor control, deshedding, or medicated shampoo (infection or allergies).

  • MEDICATED SHAMPOO  $5-10 ($0 to bring your own from your vet)

  • ANTI_ITCH Treatment: $10 Medicated shampoo and Naggayu CO2 Spa

  • FLEA/TICK SHAMPOO $10 for flea bath. Up to $20 if treatment of shop is necessary  (Please be thoughtful when you bring in fleas/ticks, I have to treat my business, lawn and possibly other dogs)

  • DE-SKUNK SHAMPOO or extra dirty, multiple baths $5-10

Additional Services:
  • Nail trim/Dremel  (as only service) $10

  • Shiny Hiny (Anal Gland Expression) $ 10

  • Teeth Brushing $10

  • De-matting $10 for first 15 minutes. It will not be performed if matts are severe or cause discomfort to dog.

  • Extra-matted shaving fees can be up to double normal grooming cost.

  • De-shedding has to be performed with a bath or groom for dogs with undercoat and will be included in grooming price.

  • Hand Stripping $25hr (in addition to groom price)

  • House call grooming trip fee $20 (10 miles max one way, $1 per mile after)

  • no show/less 24 hour notice to cancel $25

Prices listed are approximate and meant as an estimate. Actual price will be set at time of service. Please read the Policy & Agreement page, by booking an appointment with Grooming by Londa you are agreeing to these Policies.

If you need to reschedule, cancel or just have questions text 864-380-9479 anytime before 8pm or call during business hours (9am to 3pm Monday to Saturday). The phone calls will not be answered outside of business hours.


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